Text Box: Surveying Equipment

Our surveying equipment is one of the latest technologically advanced equipment used today in South Africa.  With the 3D and surfer program we can determined the most potential spot and depth where to drill for water. 

Summary of Equipment

· Identification of an area  i.e. : Farm, Plot, Business or Residential on clients’ request.

· We inspect the area for existing  boreholes, septic tanks, overhead power lines and a large enough space for a drilling rig to enter.

· On completion of the survey, we mark the most potential spot with a steel rod and save the co-ordinates of set spot.

· A full survey report will be given on request.

Our survey consists of line readings from 10 meters to 5 km. Before  performing a survey ,we determent the direction i.e. North-South or East- West. We then setup our equipment to carry out a North-South line reading to locate an East-West aquifer and/or fracture line that will cross our line reading.

Upon completion of the line reading, we then download the data of the line reading onto the laptop to obtain the best  graphic result . We can then determine the best and exact spot which also indicates the depth of where to drill. A steel  rod is used to  mark the exact spot with co-ordinates.

Description of Survey



Steps taken when conducting a survey

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