BOREHOLE SURVEY specialises in irrigation, using one of the latest technologically advanced equipment with 3D underground graphic and surfer programmes, which also determines aquifers, fracture lines, and/or cavity depth and enables the most potential spot where to drill for water.  





BOREHOLE SURVEY started 6 years ago, after finding that there is a demand for

locating the right spot where to drill for water.   We at BOREHOLE SURVEY have

gone further in conducting extensive studies and have the most accurate equipment

to locate the right spot of where to drill for water.  We have conducted surveys

throughout the country and in neighbouring countries.   


The costs of living has become so expensive, that one cannot afford to use traditional

methods, i.e. by using copper wires and sticks to locate the most accurate spot to drill

for water.  By using conventional methods there is a possibility that the borehole may

be a dry hole, which has does not have any value and, it is money thrown down the



Our aim at BOREHOLE SURVEY is to cut costs for future drilling expenses as well as

saving time.





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